CONNET GLOBAL IBM® i2® Analyst’s Notebook and i2® iBase Training

The Industry-leading Provider of IBM i2 Training

With almost 15 years of i2 training experience around the world, ConnetGlobal Security Services is the premier source of training for the entire IBM i2 software. As IBM Business Partner with more i2 Training expertise than any other company, ConnetGlobal focuses on meeting your needs.

i2 Analyst’s Notebook and iBaseTraining 

Our hands-on classes will have you effectively working with i2 Analyst’s Notebook products suite in a week. Depending on location, budget, the number of analysts, and the type of training required, Connet Global also provides instructor-led courses onsite. To meet customer needs, Connet Global hosts classes at multiple training sites across the world s and can travel to your location no matter where it is on the globe.

Training by Professional Users and Instructors

ConnetGlobal senior Instructors are known for their professionalism and credibility as IBM security and i2 Experts.  Instructors have a superb wide range of backgrounds as Law Enforcement, Military, and Commercial Analysts as well as certified instructors. With 27 years of technical training experience for IBM, our instructors are the preeminent professionals when it comes to Analyst’s Notebook, iBase training.

The Most recent i2 Training Programs Available
Enterprise Insight Analysis, iBase, Analysts Notebook

Connet Global is the only company that provides a current, refreshed curriculum with all new release of an i2 Analyst’s Notebook Portfolio Product.
No other trainig company can ensure that you will be fully trained on the latest releases of i2 Analyst’s Notebook, iBase, Enterprise Insight Analysis and Analysts Notebook Premium.